The rise of wellness

The rise of wellness

Wellness and the desire for a holistic, healthy lifestyle has been a growing trend among consumers across the globe, particularly in the Western and APAC markets.

Today, consumers’ pursuit for ‘clean’ beauty reflects a widespread cross-generational movement for healthy products in all walks of life, driven by social media where Instagram is influencing millennials to adopt these habits into their own lives. But it’s not just those in their 20s and 30s that are embracing this trend, the over 50s market is helping to drive its popularity through a greater focus on long-term wellness.

According to a 2018 report by the Global Wellness Institute, products which tap into the trend have an estimated value of $4.2 trillion driven by demand for items that aid sleep, ease stress and use natural ingredients which are free from carcinogens and pesticides.

Veganism and beauty combine

The link here between food and beauty is clear – 2018 was dubbed the ‘year that veganism went mainstream’ – and it is almost impossible to ignore its popularity on a global scale. Consumers are turning to veganism for a variety of reasons and it is this same rationale that is driving the demand for vegan and plant-based beauty products.

These changing preferences are creating a fantastic opportunity for beauty brands and we’ve seen a number of ingredient suppliers launch innovative plant-based products over the last year.

Instead of procuring proteins from the likes of honey and beeswax, formulators are now able to use plant-based protein products. The benefits of using these alternatives may also be advantageous for those looking to tap into the halal beauty market, particularly in the Middle East and South East Asia, and markets where animal welfare and environmental awareness are pivotal. 

Stress busting

Another driver of the wellness trend is stress, which is known to negatively affect the quality and appearance of skin. And we’re seeing brands launch some incredible new products. From sprays and body butters through to oils and balms, consumers are looking to purchase more active recovery products that reverse or prevent the harmful effects of this growing issue.

Indeed, recent studies have revealed that skin is more sensitive and reactive when faced with high levels of emotional stress. This often causes the body to release high levels of cortisol which can lead to the skin barrier function deteriorating, resulting in damage to the skin. This is making traditional ingredients, such as chamomile and neroli, which have calming and relaxing properties even more popular.

Helping consumers sleep better

With busier and more stressful lifestyles, sleeping habits are also changing. Sleep is hugely important to our appearance, well-being and health, and research has shown that during the REM stage, skin cells are able to divide and regenerate at an optimal level.

As a result, night time skin care is currently booming, especially in western countries such as the UK, where sales for specialised products like eye masks, gels and anti-ageing creams are soaring. As consumers look to embrace the meaning of ‘beauty sleep’, companies investing in new products to aid and improve sleep quality can expect to see continued success in the burgeoning night skin care market.

Tapping into the wellness trend at in-cosmetics

At in-cosmetics Global 2019, we will be hosting a range of leading suppliers whose formulations will allow cosmetic and personal care professionals to develop products that tap into the hugely popular wellness trend. By joining us in Paris from 2-4 April 2019, chemists will be able to visit our Sensory Bar that will feature stress-relieving ingredients and textures that offer a calming effect.

In addition, the in-cosmetics Global Fragrance Zone will be a must-visit for those hoping to take advantage of the wellness trend. They’ll discover the latest relaxing fragrances, such as lavender and sandalwood, and find out why they are a key ingredient in many wellness products.

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