Q&A with Chemberry, the innovative personal care chemical search platform

Q&A with Chemberry, the innovative personal care chemical search platform

New search tool is a catalyst to scientific innovation

How did Chemberry start?

Through in-depth research on the personal care industry, including numerous stakeholder interviews, we found a gap in the personal care ingredient search process. It was found that personal care ingredient buyers spend an average of 4-6 hours per week searching for new chemicals to incorporate into their products.

In order to better understand this lengthy search process, we tracked the methods used to execute such a search. Our key finding was that over 80% of the interviewed chemical buyers claimed that they began their search with Google. Since Google is a broad search engine, it proved difficult to find specific products. Furthermore, when we asked chemical buyers why they used Google, their response was simple: ‘there’s no other readily available source that gives us a comprehensive market overview.’  Ultimately, this lead us to two conclusions:

  1. Buyers had difficulties identifying the appropriate range of personal care chemicals, which not only is an inconvenience for them, but also can negatively impact innovation in new personal care formulations.
  2. Suppliers of personal care chemicals did not have the possibility to market their products appropriately.

We developed Chemberry to target these two problems.

What is Chemberry and how does it solve these problems?

Chemberry started as a search platform for personal care chemicals. It targets the problems faced by buyers of chemicals in the following ways:

  • It is a comprehensive aggregator of personal care products: this means that Chemberry automatically sorts the relevant product information from supplier websites.
  • It categorizes the personal care products by relevant characteristics such as INCI, function, chemical properties, etc., thereby ensuring that buyers have access to chemical
  • It includes useful features such as the possibility to compare similar chemicals in a side-by-side view and the possibility to bookmark chemicals. The goal is to have an easily accessible directory of interesting products.

On the other side of the spectrum, Chemberry also helps suppliers by:

  • Being a comprehensive aggregator of supplier information: their products are automatically promoted.
  • Listing supplier information free of charge, and without any additional effort on their part.
  • Providing the possibility to purchase additional insights (based on data) which would allow suppliers to strategically alter their marketing.

Our vision is to be more than just a search platform: by connecting buyers and suppliers with the most relevant information to maximize efficiency we will become a true catalyst to scientific innovation.

What makes Chemberry so special?

As mentioned, we are committed to going above and beyond and we distinguish ourselves through our unique approach, our user- centric lean platform, and our team.

Our approach is fundamentally different

  • Our commitment to science means that we strive to be a complete and scientifically accurate platform. In other words: we aim to systematically list all existing personal care products without charging a listing fee to suppliers.
  • We aim to facilitate contact between buyers and suppliers of chemicals, however still ensuring that they remain in control of the interactions.

Our platform is in state of continuous improvement

We have optimized it to provide an innovative, straightforward and ‘clean’ user experience: finding chemicals should be easy. Furthermore, we provide real-time insights and analytics, while maintaining our lean design. In addition, we regularly update to ensure that all information is current and accurate, as well as to include new features.

Our team consists of a multi-functional, diverse and friendly group

We all have experiences from different departments within the chemical industry and collaborate to ensure the best possible outcome for Chemberry. We are committed to creating an effective chemical search platform and are constantly innovating and looking for alternative ‘out of the box’ solutions. This is just the beginning for us.

Finally, what are you expecting from in-cosmetics Global?

It’s an honor to be in the heart of the personal care world. Being at in-cosmetics is a good opportunity for us to assess how we can really support scientific innovation and gives us new ideas. We’re here to directly show buyers and supplier of chemicals exactly how they can maximize the use of Chemberry for their specific needs.

 Learn more about Chemberry by watching their video launch

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