Peering under the beard

Peering under the beard

A glance around a crowded railway station, or high street (or, better still, a crowded bar) in many western European markets would provide ample evidence that the beard phenomenon is still flourishing.

While initially, men may have neglected that percentage of their face nestling behind their new beard, they are now realising the importance of taking care of the skin beneath – even those consumers who may not have moisturised pre-facial hair, are opting for oils to nourish both the beard and skin.

Industry experts predict that while some men might soon be shedding the ‘full’ beard, they will not return to a close shave permanently. Rather, with today’s social acceptance of facial hair in the workplace, they will alternate between smooth, stubbly and bearded depending on the look they fancy, the season, or even the level of effort they are willing to expend on any given day.

As such, it is more important than ever for men not to neglect their ‘hidden’ skin. And this is something that brands are facilitating with a greater hybridisation of facial hair and skincare, as seen in the proliferation of face-and-beard washes and skin-moisturising beard tamers.

For an in-depth look at the male grooming market, including this evolving trend, review the December issue of SPC.

Author: Julia Wray is Editor of SPC magazine. Nikola Matic of Kline will discuss ‘The booming skincare market – skincare trends and the ingredients within’ in his session at in-cosmetics Global in London on 5 April at 4.15pm.

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