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Experts in the fields of formulation, regulation and research from across the world will descend on Barcelona this April to present as part of eight specialist workshops at in-cosmetics 2015.

Amongst the topics set for discussion at the show are regulatory compliance, the claims development process and formulating with green ingredients, as well as the latest advances in popular markets such as haircare and skincare.

Presenters at the workshops include representatives from specialist organisations including Lubrizol, Coty, Croda, CONUSBAT and Organic Monitor.

The eight workshops headline the extensive educational programme running alongside the show, which includes three days of Marketing Trends presentations and more than 80 hours of the popular Innovation Seminars, across three theatres.

Dr. Nava Dayan of Dr. Nava Dayan L.L.C will present as part of a series of workshops focusing on the science of suncare research. Speaking in advance of the show, she stressed that the efficacy of sunscreen in skin cancer prevention had long been an issue of great importance for formulators, adding: “With advances in biomarkers analysis technologies the door is now open for new ways to assess such products. I’m greatly looking forward to speaking as part of the in-cosmetics Barcelona Workshops and further discussing delivering improved relevancy to cancer prevention through novel tier approaches for functional biomarkers analysis.”
Karl Lintner, President of KAL’IDEES S.A.S added that in-cosmetics Barcelona was the perfect platform for personal care professionals to hear presentations on the latest research and practical formulation solutions.

“As one of the largest segments in the cosmetics market, haircare remains an area of particular interest for research and development teams. During my presentation I’ll be looking at the continued trend of hair and skin cosmetic products being promoted alongside home use devices and reviewing the products, markets and regulations shaping this area,” he add.

Workshops at in-cosmetics 2015 include:

The new science of suncare research: New dangers or benefits for the skin
April 14, 09:00-13:00 Room CC5.2

This workshop will: demonstrate that aiming for artificially boosted SPFs may be counterproductive; address the necessity for new marketing messages for the latest generation of suncare products and explain new challenges in formulation. It offers solutions to R&D Managers, formulators, marketing managers and regulatory affairs experts of both ingredient supplier and consumer product industries. Participants will learn how to identify issues and how to apply the right formulation strategies.

Moderated by Dr. Karl Lintner (KAL’IDEES SAS), expert speakers include: Dr. Nava Dayan, Julian Hewitt (SunCare Technologies Ltd), Dr. Laurent Blasco (Lubrizol) and Dr. Marc Pissavini (Coty).

Novel strategies towards regulatory compliance after Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 was set in motion.
April 14, 09:00-13.00. Room CC5.3

This workshop outlines the new regulatory landscape in Europe, which affects all ingredients and cosmetic product manufacturers, but requires highly differentiated expertise. All aspects of product development influenced by marketing, R&D, regulatory affairs, claims, safety assessment and toxicology will be addressed.

The Workshop moderator is Dr. Annelie Struessmann (CONUSBAT) while speakers include: Dr. Gerald Renner (Cosmetics Europe), Dr. Thomas Petry (ToxMinds), Professor Jon Heylings (Dermal Technology Laboratory), and Raphael Sauerwein (Cosnova Cosmetics-in-Mind).

Haircare Advances: To grow or not to grow, that is the question
April 14, 14.00-17.30. Room CC5.3

The development of actives for hair care products, especially anti-ageing, lags behind the rapid pace of skincare innovation. This workshop focuses on anti-ageing products for hair – one of the biggest current trends, and home-use devices for hair growth and removal – both vital and lucrative new sectors for haircare brands and the connected industries. The biology of ageing hair is a specific focus, while presentations will look at formulation ideas and solutions as well as review the growing trend of home-use devices for hair growth and / or removal in this field.

Dr. Karl Lintner will moderate a panel of speakers including: Dr. Surinder Chahal, (Croda), Dr. Desmond J Tobin (University of Bradford), Ing. Stephan Bielfeldt, Director Research and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), (proDERM Institute for Applied Dermatological Research) and Dr. Anne Dussaud (Momentive).

Sun protection regulation in EU, US and Australia
April 15, 09:00-13:00. Room CC5.2

Tailor-made for specialists working in R&D and regulatory affairs departments from raw material suppliers, consultancies and cosmetic products companies, this workshop will look at regulations and issues affecting the marketing of sun protection products in the European Union, the US and Australia – the three biggest to adopt the ISO standards for UVB and UVA protection. It also examines how sunscreens present numerous challenges to the formulators, with attendees gaining new insights into the differences between the requirements, regulations and how to achieve the requirements in ratio and critical wavelength.

Moderated by Alain Khaiat, PhD (SEERs Consulting) workshop speakers include: Debra Redbourn (dR Cosmetcis Regulations, UK), Dominique Lutz (HelioScreen) and Dr. Jack Ferguson (Skinnovation Ltd, UK).

The claims development process: More than just evidence
April 15, 09:00 – 13:00. Room CC5.3

Cosmetics claims legislation that came into effect in July 2013 is having a profound and confusing effect on the industry. Many brand owners are still unaware of their obligations and the lengths they need to go to reach compliance. This workshop is aimed at cosmetic manufacturing companies and private labels of all sizes to outline and clarify the effects the cosmetics claims legislation has on the full lifecycle of product development. Participants will be shown a straight-forward, step-by-step approach to this complex legislation and the impact it has on all departments involved in product development.

Organised and conducted by Dr. Theresa M Callaghan PhD, CEO and Owner, Callaghan Consulting International.

Pan-Asian regulation: What’s new in emerging and established markets?
April 15, 14:00-17.30

The Chinese cosmetic market is booming – fast becoming the biggest skincare market in Asia, while India, the Philippines and Vietnam are fast catching up and increasing in relevance. This workshop details the latest regulatory changes from 2014 with insight into their correct interpretations. The focus is on China, India and ASEAN for participants from R&D and regulatory affairs departments of raw material suppliers, consultants or finished product manufacturers.

Dr. Alain Khaiat PhD moderates with speakers including: Dr. Tommy Kong (REACH24H Consulting Group) and Dr. Robert Fellous (H&B Intertek).

Delivery systems for cosmetics actives: How to deliver your actives through the skin barrier to their site of action
April 15, 14:00-17.30

Formulators, buyers, developers, product specialists and marketers will benefit from this introduction to the skin structure. The workshop focuses on the permeability properties of the stratum corneum and on the effect cosmetic formulations have on local gene expression patterns, including the sphingolipid metabolism which plays a major role in cell metabolism and in cell to cell, organ-to-organ signalisation.

Florian T E Weighardt PhD, (TeknoScienze Srl) moderates with presenters including: Marek Haftek, MD, PhD (Faculté de Médécine et de Pharmacie), Dr. Thierry Oddos (Johnson and Johnson Santé Beauté France), Dr. Iuliana popa (University of Paris XI, School of Pharmacy), Dr. Gabriele Blume (Sopharcos), Dr. Marilene Sofia Rodrigues Estanqueiro (University of Porto) and Serena Tongiani PhD (Acraf SpA)

NEW: Formulating with green emulsifiers, surfactants and emollients
April 16 09:00-13.00 Room CC5.2

Presented by Judi Beerling (Organic Monitor), this new workshop takes a closer look at green emulsifiers, surfactants and emollients. Participants will receive practical advice and guidance on how to replace synthetic with green ingredients and offer viable solutions to product developers, formulators, cosmetic companies, ingredient suppliers and industry organisations looking at, or already using, green materials. The content highlights the major products currently in use and examines the green alternatives, plus reviews their performance, stability and safety.

The workshop programme at in-cosmetics Barcelona provides visitors with the perfect opportunity to update their technical knowledge, whilst visiting the exhibition and discovering the latest ingredients and innovative new services.

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