in-cosmetics 2015: Recognising the very best the industry has to offer

in-cosmetics 2015: Recognising the very best the industry has to offer

The Innovation Zone and Green Awards finalists are revealed.

in-cosmetics once again honours some of the industry’s top ingredient developers as it unveils the 2015 finalists in its Innovation Zone Best Ingredient and Green Ingredient Awards.

This year’s Innovation Zone Awards are designed to honour products that combine innovative science and features that can demonstrate substantial benefits to manufacturers and end-users, when compared to existing ingredients. This year, for the first time, they have been split into two categories – Active Ingredients and Functional Ingredients. Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be chosen for each Award. All of the shortlisted products can be seen on the Innovation Zone feature at in-cosmetics 2015. Last year’s Gold winner was Lipotec with ACTIGYM™ – designed to help consumers achieve greater body definition by enhancing adiponectin release and mitochondrial activity.

The Green Ingredient Awards, in association with Organic Monitor, go to a raw material or ingredient that, in the opinion of the judges, makes a significant environmental or social difference in the area of sustainability. Shortlisted materials will have been launched over a year ago and have current applications in cosmetic products. Applicants will also have proved the environmental and social difference the raw material or ingredient makes in terms of sustainability.

The shortlisted finalists are as follows:

Innovation Zone Best Ingredient – Active Ingredient

CLR Chem. Lab with ProRenew Complex CLR™: This active is based on probiotic technology and positively influences both the speed and the quality of epidermal growth. It acts on the most important biological feature in aging skin – its ability to renew itself quickly and effectively, and to act as a biosensor.

CODIF R&N with Neuroguard: Neuroguard explores a new approach in Neurocosmetics to treat wrinkles of 60-year-old+ consumers.

Induchem with Brightenyl®: The first generation of active ingredient designed to be activated, upon application, by the skin microbiote. It shows fast and visible clinical results in 28 to 84 days, including up to 18-fold reduction of UV spots, -150% reduction of skin darkness, -600% reduction of skin redness, and a 16-fold improvement of skin brightness.

INFINITEC ACTIVOS with X50 PHOTOGLOW – THE COSMETIC: Details of this ingredient will be unveiled at in-cosmetics Barcelona 2015.

Lipotec with NOCTURSHAPE™ blue ingredient: A biotechnological active that reduces nocturnin levels in adipocytes at night time. It takes advantage of circadian rhythms and targets nocturnin – the protein involved in adipogenesis and lipid accumulation. In vivo tests show visible results in 15 days with 2 and 4% dosages and with just one application at night.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with SWT-7™: Influenced by the latest discoveries in reconstructive tissue engineering for burn injury treatment, SWT-7 activates adipose-derived stem cells to promote the production of growth factors and improve epidermis thickness.

SILAB with EPIGENOMYL®: Obtained from the calendula flower and rich in oligosaccharides, it revitalises the epigenome which is weakened by external aggressors and age, providing the skin with many anti-aging benefits from surface uniformity to perceived age improvements.

Innovation Zone Best Ingredient – Functional Ingredient

Chongqing Pellets with Softlets F (CC mix): Encapsulating rich oil, pigment, pearls and nutrition actives and based in a very light transparent gel base. The pump head disperses the Softlets and base instantly, like a BB cream to give the skin a bright appearance and soft, silk-like texture.

Clariant SE with GlucoTain® surfactants: A unique combination of foam and sensory benefits for skin and hair, which is also extremely mild to skin. Unlike existing non-ionics, the GlucoTain technology also has economic benefits in that they provide an excellent viscosity response with salt meaning they help to minimize formulation costs.

Dow Corning with Dow Corning® 3901 Liquid Satin Blend: A thick, stretchy fluid, which creates a long-lasting feel of intense lubricity while delivering a stringy yet novel texture. These properties can then be carried over into many formulation types ranging from moisturising body lotions to high-end coloured cosmetics.

Lipoid Kosmetik AG with SLM 2038: A new type of multi-lamellar cream based on Lipoid Kosmetik’s SLM Skin Lipid Matrix® technology. This innovative formulation with Non-GMO sunflower phospholipids can easily be incorporated in any type of skin care product in order to achieve a unique and natural skin feeling.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with Happiness in a Jar! Lecigel™: Unique and sophisticated textures formulated using Lucas Meyer Cosmetics emulsifiers containing phospholipids, which now offer cosmetics brands “guaranteed consumer pleasure” that has become essential to building customer loyalty and the success of future best-sellers.

Minasolve with MinaSolve Green B: Details of this ingredient will be unveiled at               in-cosmetics Barcelona 2015.

Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd with SunCaps – encapsulated organic and inorganic UV filters: Unbreakable, transparent micron-sized microcapsules of organic and inorganic UV filters, which prevent UV filter leakage, providing formulators with greater flexibility in creating photostable, high SPF products for skincare and makeup applications.

Green Ingredient Awards

Amedeo Brasca & C. srl with Olifeel® E-Nat: A natural W/O emulsifier resulting from 100% green patented technology.

Amyris, Inc with Neossance® Squalane: Until Amyris’ introduction of Neossance Squalane, the primary supply came from volatile or unsustainable sources, such as shark livers or olives. Amyris has developed a unique production process for renewable sugarcane-derived squalane.

Laboratoires EXPANSCIENCE with AQUALICIA: A natural “3 in 1” active ingredient: entrapping water, distributing it and limiting the water loss, meeting the needs of skins subject to daily urban stress.

LESSONIA with CELLULOSCRUB:           Created to replace the non-biodegradable polyethylene beads in skin care products and toiletries, which pass directly into household wastewater streams and therefore enter the marine environment. It is a biodegradable and natural exfoliant with very similar characteristics to polyethylene costs.

Marinova Pty Ltd with Maritech Bright: A novel, polyphenol-rich fucoidan extract developed specifically for skin brightening applications. Extracted from Fucus vesiculosus seaweed growing naturally in the crystal-clear waters of Nova Scotia, this innovative product has COSMOS organic, kosher and halal accreditations.

Marinova Pty Ltd with Maritech Reverse: Derived from wild harvested, Wakame seaweed, Maritech® Reverse is a high-purity fucoidan extract developed specifically for anti-aging formulations. It is 100% certified organic, carrying COSMOS certification and is made in Australia under HACCP, ISO9001 and GMP compliant conditions.

Oat Cosmetic with Oat COM ORG (Organic Colloidal Oatmeal): An optimised extruded colloidal oatmeal manufactured under an approved patented process to the US Pharmacopeial Standard. It is manufactured from high beta-glucan varieties of oat grown using sustainable farming practices and is an ECOCERT / COSMOS certified organic ingredient.

To see who wins, come to the Awards Ceremony that will take place at in-cosmetics 2015, Barcelona, in the Ceremony Room CC5.1 (above the show halls) from 18:00-20:00 on Tuesday 14 April.

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