Formulating with innovative ingredients and your R&D community peers

Formulating with innovative ingredients and your R&D community peers

Please note: This article was written prior to in-cosmetics Global 2020 being postponed to 2021

Picture the scene: you are formulating with your peers from various cosmetic manufacturers from across the world under the guidance of international personal care ingredient experts.

If the idea appeals, we have good news. At in-cosmetics Global in October, eighteen ingredient suppliers from across the world will show you how to master new skills by formulating in-vivo with magical ingredients.

Opening the programme will be AAK with their new type of detoxifying cleansing balm created around a trio of shea and canola-based ingredients. The texture transforms into a silky opaque lotion on contact with water, gently dissolving make-up and impurities.

Next on will be Evonik who will be demonstrating with two emulsions, one O/W-emulsion and one W/O-emulsion. The idea is to show you how their sustainable products enable a more efficient formulation process and lower the environmental impact.

Who Lion USA will then explain how to formulate personal cleansing products with 100% natural origin amino acid based surfactants. The process will shed light on the megatrend of going green, natural and sustainable whilst balancing rheology, sensory, and performance.

An anti-ageing gel cream with slow-release function using fermented ingredients is on the agenda next with Bloomage Biotechnology. In their formula, cross-linked HA will be used as a natural long-term moisturizing agent providing unique touch feeling and slow-release effects.

Keen to create a multi-functional hair styling formula? If so, the team at Ashland will demonstrate a technical solution for a natural styling gel. The formula will showcase their naturally derived polysaccharide polymers and cellulose derived rheology modifiers.

Formulating a sprayable emulsion in a sustainable way is the topic of the next session by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. Their head-to-toe mist is developed in a minimalist spirit, with few and common ingredients combined with a simple and cold process.

Symrise will show you how to create a sun protection formula. Learn how to speed up your daily production of emulsions with limited ingredients. Using simple steps, you will also get to decide on emollients and SPF using finished blends, thus creating your personal formula.

During the Nikkol Group presentation, discover how clear macro-emulsions can allow the stabilization of oily materials and provide a fresh, yet emollient texture. Visible oil droplets are also visually appealing – projecting an image of hydration & high concentration.

In the next lab session, you will get to formulate a gel-cream product which could be used either for skincare or haircare applications. This very light and non-sticky formulation is a cold process emulsion, Cosmos compliant and Vegan – and all courtesy of Brenntag.

Due to issues such as low coverage, processing, stability and a narrow shade range, lipsticks have been out of the natural and organic loop. Time to attend Sensient Cosmetic Technologies’ session on formulating lipsticks with fruit and vegetable based colours!

BASF Personal Care and Nutrition have recently introduced a new natural anionic surfactant to the market. In this interactive lab presentation, you will learn how their product enables you to create ultra mild, stable cleansing formulations with a special foam sensation.

Clariant have developed a new sensorial suncare formulation with powerful actives and will teach you all about this ultra-lightweight bi-phase spray, ensuring your face is fully protected and hydrated, whilst including an anti-oxidant benefit and excellent sensorial touch.

Developing a water-free, silicone-free and non-sticky minimalist formula is a big challenge. But Chemyunion will show you how to formulate a hair product with natural ingredients, immediate anti-frizz and intense shine with no build-up effect!

Keen to find an all-natural solution for stabilization and rheology modification of emulsions? Nordmann will explain how to make a cold-processed emulsion stabilized with natural hectorite and with natural solutions to help you to create beautiful and stable emulsions.

Keep the essentials to clear your skin with Roquette, who will explore how to formulate a delicate cleanser with amazing texture. Remove impurities, blemishes, pimples and sebum excess whilst indulging your skin with a velvet feel and cushion effect formulation.

Natural and individual cosmetic foams will be on the agenda next as Azelis will show you how to create your own face wash foam with a wide selection of the newest innovative active ingredients and mild, natural PEG-free surfactants.

IOI Oleo will also demonstrate how to formulate a versatile, cold-processable & sustainable emulsifier. Their anionic, sunflower based, natural liquid emulsifier saves on energy and time consumption and supports the formulators’ need to be natural yet versatile and sustainable.

Finally, NOF Corporation will help you create a cold-process formulation utilizing bicontenuous micro-emulsion (BCME). This technology can be applied to cleansing, emulsification, solubilization and encapsulation, and is suitable for make-up removers amongst others.

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