Biotransforming Beauty – Formulating with Nature

Biotransforming Beauty – Formulating with Nature

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit 2017

Following the success of the first two in-cosmetics Formulation Summits (2015, Texture and 2016, Protection), this year’s topic is Biotransforming Beauty – Formulating with Nature.

The in-cosmetics Formulation Summit 2017 brings together 100+ top formulators, R&D professionals and leading experts in the major aspects of Biotransforming Beauty. As we move towards consumer products that enhance rather than damage our World, the beauty industry is choosing to use more biological processes, including fermentation and more complex biotechnology to make ingredients. The latest research findings on skin and its relationship to its microbiome has opened the door to an exciting new approach to healthy skin. How can our products micro manage the ecology of skin and hair’s microbiota for health and beauty?


The two-day meeting begins by looking closely at the very latest Global trends and products from Korea that are Biotransforming Beauty and enabling the personal care industry to lead the way in providing products that tackle the needs of the consumer while safeguarding the planet. The very best traditional uses of fermentation and natural materials teach us lessons from the past, while the latest developments in biotechnology gives the industry ‘new natural’ biotransformed materials as well as natural alternatives sources of materials currently derived from petrochemicals. The surge of interest in the Microbiome is featured and questions such as, ‘how to preserve products and yet keep the product microbiome-friendly?‘, are addressed, alongside explanations about the role of biofilms and latest scientific methods supporting claims and visualising skin’s microbiota. Delegates will learn from the pharma how to improve bioavailability and so make the most of expensive, sensitive actives. New approaches to antiaging and protecting from polluting nanoparticles will be presented. Formulators will get advice on using key biotransformed materials. Experts will explain how epigenetics, synthetic biology and using biomimetic strategies, can innovate and improve a beauty product’s performance. Specialists in these advanced fields explain and answer questions, especially where their disciplines challenge contemporary thinking and current regulations. Industry experts will lead the debate on the drivers and constraints controlling formulating with nature.


On Day 1, Biotransforming Beauty: experts look at the global trends driving beauty brand’s interest in biotransformation/fermentation/biotechnology, their move away from petrochemicals and the new target, skin’s microbiome. Korean beauty trends connecting traditional fermentation with energy, health and well-being, retain its position as leaders in innovation in skin and hair care. Delegates learn about their own Microbiome and how to formulate more sympathetically to skin, scalp and hair’s ecology by optimising actives and preservatives etc. Methods to support these new types of claims will be considered. Questions on current regulations as they affect the use of ‘probiotics’ such as live yoghurt will be addressed by the expert panel at the end of the day.


Day 2, Formulating with Nature: focuses on the vast range of ingredients from green technologies that are now available to the formulators who need to quickly make current formulas more sympathetic to the environment as well as those looking for ‘new natural’ materials and a more efficacious, greener future. New approaches to antiaging, marine derived sun protection, protection from pollutants as well as learning from pharma about improving bioavailability, will be covered. Experts discuss synthetic biology and applying biomimetic strategies to innovate and transform products.  Epigenetics is explained in terms appropriate for the beauty industry and the summit ends with delegates consider the importance of formulating with nature in the circular economy.


The summit highlights the latest innovations in Biobeauty and gives a unique opportunity to talk one-to-one with the experts. Delegates will take away new insights, solutions and strategies for developing products that truly Biotransform Beauty.


View full programme here.

Dr. Barbara Brockway
Director – Personal Care
AppliedDNA Sciences


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Barbara is Past President, Hon Education Sec. of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Chair In-Cosmetics Formulation Summit (London). Her cosmetic career began nearly 30 years ago, at the Body Shop, after 8 years postdoctoral research/lecturing in Food Science and Technology at the Reading University. The new millennium found Barbara in New York managing the NPD lab. for Dr James Hayward, then CEO of the Collaborative Laboratories LLC, who were leaders in Liposomes and high shear technology for cosmetic actives. After extending her stay in America to manage Huntsman LLC Personal Care laboratory in Austin Texas, she returned to the UK and worked for the next 12 year as Scientific Advisor for Personal Care in Sales & Distribution for IMCD. Barbara re-joined Dr James Hayward, now CEO and Founded Applied DNA Sciences, in New York and became a Forensic Cosmetic Scientist, working to use DNA technology to secure cosmetic supply chains. Barbara is a frequent contributor to industry journals and her special interest is in how the very latest technologies impact the cosmetic industry.

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