RX announces Ana Beatriz Elia as the new director of in-cosmetics Latin America

RX announces Ana Beatriz Elia as the new director of in-cosmetics Latin America

RX has just announced the first major news for the 2024 edition of in-cosmetics Latin America. Executive Ana Beatriz Elia takes over the direction of the main event 100% dedicated to raw materials for the personal care, perfumery, and cosmetics industry in Latin America.

Relationship building and expanding results are expected to be the foundations of the new management. The challenge is significant, as the numbers for the 2023 edition were record-breaking. More than 190 brands helped attract, along with the rich content and experiential programming, an audience of 5,983 unique visitors, a 23% growth compared to 2022.

“Furthermore, the beauty industry is constantly evolving, with investments in research and development. This means that while clean beauty and new functional ingredients were the big trends this year, next year beauty movements will likely be different, following consumer behavior and needs. It will be an even more precise task to connect the region to the most advanced industry trends worldwide,” says Ana Beatriz.

This journey, however, will be supported by over 20 years of experience in large national and international companies, such as BRM1 Group, Dagaz, Doutor Massagio, and RX itself, where she worked from 2012 to 2015 leading AUTOMEC, the largest automotive replacement fair in Latin America. Ana Beatriz holds a degree in administration and specialization in marketing management from the University of Virginia in the United States, and an MBA in people management from IBMEC.

“in-cosmetics Latin America was born as a reference years ago and with each edition, it reinforces its fundamental importance for the work of chemists, formulators, and R&D professionals. We want to further advance in science and sustainability, which was the theme of the most recent edition, and also consolidate Brazil as a major center for strategic updating and business for the cosmetics industry in Latin America,” concludes the director.

in-cosmetics Latin America 2024 is scheduled to take place on September 25 and 26 at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo.

More information at: https://www.in-cosmetics.com/latin-america/en-gb.html.


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