The beauty sector grows 1% in Spain compared to 2021

Sponsored by: Beauty Cluster | Written by: Miriam Mora 

E-commerce slows its growth rate in these 10 months of 2022 and grows only 0.1% compared to last year.

As it has done to know Kantar through his last press release, the sector beauty has recovered definitively of the effects of the Covid-19 and his respective decisions. The consulting Kantar has confirmed that the consumption in our sector grew 1% in the first 10 months of the year 2022. Kantar Signals in this recovery especially to the perfumes and scents and the make-up. Besides, they signal, that this growth has not produced by the increase of prices of the products, but by the increase of units sold. However, Rosa Pilar López, Fashion & Beauty Business Director in Kantar, division Worldpanel, indicates that “this sector, as in the majority, follows suffering from of a loss of traffic, because of the gradual fall of the frequency of purchase“.

Especially, the channel that more has noticed the recovery and that besides has experienced a growth has been the one of scents and make-up and has won a total of 2,3 points of quota of market from January to October. Regarding the retailers that at present position in the head in the sector of the beauty in Spain, are Primor, and next, Druni. They are chains that after the pothole of the 2020, have gone out reinforced, so much in his physical shops as in digital, and, besides this year continue incorporating buyers. Cocnretamente, add more than 1,7 points of penetration“, stands out López.

Another of the significant data that offers us the report of Kantar has been in matter of e-commerce: to on-line sale has thrown the brake in his growth that seemed unstoppable. This 2022 so alone has grown 0,1 points of quota, that yes that increased at the beginning of year, but that has not been a behaviour that have extended along the months, since it appreciates a light loss of quota in the last months. However, Amazon continuous in this time growing in number of buyers of products of beauty in his marketplace.

On the other hand, as it aims ‘‘, according to the report elaborated by Observatorio Sectorial BDK Informa foresees that in this year 2022, the sales of perfumery and cosmetic rise 4,5% and is situated around the 5.500 million euros, upper to the figures pre-pandemic (5.409 millions in 2019). In said report, affirms also that the segment of products with a greater impact in the market is the skincare, that supposes 29,3% of the total sales. Regarding the 2023, from the Observatorio Sectorial DBK, predict that the consumption of these products will be affected because the inflation, “fits to expect a deceleration of the rhythm of growth, owing to the impact of the high inflation in the purchasing power of the homes. By his part, the high costs of the prime matters, energetic and logistical”.

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