Webinar collaboration with Coptis

Webinar collaboration with Coptis

Join Coptis on Wednesday 5 August 2020 for a webinar running in Japanese that will walk you through the latest in cosmetics development and regulations.

Hear from クール ジョナサン(Mr. Jonathan Coeur), APAC(アジア太平洋地域) and マネージングディレクター & キム ジンヒョン, コプティステクニカルセールス live online at 07:00 BST/15:00 JST.

Session title: 化粧品開発の効率をアップ、海外規制情報の確認および書類作成を同時並行で

Register today and benefit from these key takeaways:

  • Solutions best suited to the Japanese market
  • Best practice for cosmetic development
  • How to check the regulatory information of the export target country

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