Natural olive chemistry: creating the next generation of cold process emulsifiers

Natural olive chemistry: creating the next generation of cold process emulsifiers

Among the various chemistries used to create personal care ingredients, natural olive chemistry is a particularly effective option for achieving biocompatibility. The fatty acid distribution of olive oil is most similar to that of healthy skin sebum. Ingredients based on olive chemistry deliver superior biocompatibility to formulations, translating into enhanced clinical benefits and sensoriality.

Natural functional emulsifiers (Olivem®) form fluid (even sprayable) lotions or enhance the texture and viscosity of formulations, improving emulsion stability and sensorial profile. Emulsion stabilizers (Oliwax®) include highly lipophilic active emollients that improve the physical and oxidative stability of o/w emulsions while imparting excellent spreadability, a very light touch and a gentle skin feel. Dermollients (Sensolene®) deliver an elegant silicone-like to silky touch while improving skin’s hydration, elasticity and barrier function.

The Olivem®, Oliwax®, and Sensolene® lines of ingredients are designed by combining the biocompatibility properties of natural olive chemistry and our technical expertise to deliver superior benefits to formulations. These functional natural ingredients add value to formulations so customers can streamline the ingredients list without compromise on performance. From water-soluble emollients and mild surfactants to self-emulsifiers creating liquid crystals structures, these ingredients are a complete solution, providing everything skin needs.

At in-cosmetics Asia 2017, I will be giving a technical presentation on our latest product, Olivem® 2020. As naturality, functionality, and sustainability continue to be key themes in beauty and personal care, the topic of Olivem® 2020 is a perfect match for this audience.

Olivem® 2020 is a naturally-derived cold process emulsifier based on olive oil chemistry for energy efficient operations. It is a multifunctional biomimetic ingredient combining excellent emulsification performance and natural dermollience. It can also be used as a sensorial modifier, stabiliser, and thickener to provide added benefits to a very wide range of formulations. Compared to other cold process emulsifiers on the market, Olivem® 2020 delivers superior sensoriality attributes and sustains skin hydration. It is environmentally friendly since it does not need heating or pressure to perform, and because its majority composition is nature-derived ingredients. The recommended use level for Olivem® 2020 is 2-3% in o/w emulsions or 1% as a sensorial and stabilisation ingredient.

During my seminar, I will not only give a comprehensive introduction to customers who are not yet familiar with Olivem® 2020, but I will also include in-depth technical information for those who are already acquainted with the product. I will go step-by-step through the chemistry and the formulation possibilities. At Hallstar, we believe this type of cold process emulsifier – effective, functional, natural, aesthetically-pleasing – will continue to serve the growing demand from the APAC market, where end customers are increasingly knowledgeable and demanding of high efficacy products with natural essence. Olivem® 2020 is a great example of how Hallstar is able to leverage its well-known deep knowledge of olive chemistry and functional ingredients to come up with solutions that meet specific market needs.

Eva Baldaro will present a session entitled ‘The Next Generation of Cold Process Emulsifiers’ at in-cosmetics Asia on 31 October 2017 from 17:15-17:45 in the Technical Seminars Theatre.

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