More than just the colors of the flag

Brazil plays host to the FIFA World Cup in June, and I’ve been noticing that cosmetics companies are using this occasion to release products whose concepts were inspired by the football tournament.

Brazilian nail polish brands such as Risquè and Super Pérola took the lead with their collections featuring the colors of the Brazilian flag and sporting football-related names such as “Apito Final” (Final Whistle), “Bola na Rede” (Back of the Net) and “Pra Frente Brasil” (Go, Brazil!). 

The Brazilian drugstore chain Panvel has brought out a complete range of products called “Panvel Meu Brasil” (Panvel My Brazil), which features eyeliners, nail polishes, false eyelashes, nail stickers, face pencils, eye shadow quartets and a nail file kit.

Maxiline has launched a World Cup edition of hair treatment products created especially for Brazilian women’s hair. 

There is more to explore than theme-led colors and packaging, however, especially if we take into account our country’s rich biodiversity and all the raw materials nature has to offer for the formulation of cosmetics. 

Butters and vegetable oils are already being used, mainly by Natura Cosméticos in a very interesting way through their EKOS line, in which a product is always linked to a touching story about its ingredient and the benefits it brings to the communities who use it as a source of food, healing and income.

Companies that deal in raw materials, such as the Brazilian companies Chemyunion and Biodiversité, are currently making the most of active ingredients from our biodiversity with proven effectiveness in a series of mechanisms.

Biodiversité has recently released pigments with biological and genomic functions. Pigments derived from Brazil nuts are used in makeup, face powder, emulsions and, further, can provide coverage and a dry-touch feel. They also act at a biological level, promoting increased collagen and increased aquaporin expression. In addition, these pigments also foster genomic action, protecting collagen against glycation and preventing lipid peroxidation.

As can be seen, there are countless options for launching products inspired by Brazil, both makeup items and cosmetic treatment products.

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