Inspirational women in cosmetics

Inspirational women in cosmetics

March 8th 2021 is International Women’s Day so we’ve taken the opportunity to talk to some of our leading ladies in the cosmetics industry. These women, from all over the world, are experts in their fields and their knowledge is inspiring! We asked them each a couple of questions about what they love about the industry and their own sources of inspiration.

Jane Henderson

Job title: Global President, Beauty and Personal Care Division

Company: Mintel International Group

What was your favourite thing about the Beauty sector? 

Beauty is a global village and being a part of it is like working in one global team. In a year, I might work with around 1000 brands across 30 countries. But the golden thread that runs through all those relationships is comradery – nobody lets one another down, and I have made many life-time friends. In one of the world’s few women-led industries, we might even call that solidarity. It’s a creative and innovative sector.

What excites you about the cosmetic and personal care industry? 

When you think everything has been done, you realise it hasn’t. Often the simplest solutions are the most powerful. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’ and this is an industry that chooses to challenge itself. I’ve seen brands turn themselves inside out to make sure that they are providing products for everybody.

In this sector, the transformative power of self-care has been all the more important in these uncertain times.

Tell us about other women who inspire you?

Many more women have inspired me in this industry than I can mention, but three in particular always come to mind.

Trinny Woodall, as an individual, is a vibrant force of nature. Her products are crafted with her signature positivity and always have an element of fun. Everything she shares with the world is honest and personal, designed to help and support an ageless woman wherever they might be in life. Her rare ability to connect with the individual across her platforms is truly uplifting.

Jue Wong, CEO at Olaplex in New York, has brought countless new ideas and brands to the mainstream and her clarity of thought and strategy in business is one of the best I’ve seen in the world. I have always believed that to be ruthlessly honest is to be ruthlessly kind – Jue clearly subscribes to the same model and is a brilliant leader, respected by all she works with.

Thirdly, Tracey Woodward is leading the charge in wellness. Tracey is authentic with a capital A, and in co-founding Modern Botany, she is the heartbeat behind the brand, which is key to anyone’s success in the industry. She lives and breathes Wellness and kindness.

Karuna Chinthanom

Job title: Chief Editorial Officer

Company: MEDIA MATTER Co. Ltd. (INNOLAB magazine)

What excites you about the cosmetic and personal care industry?

The efficacy of active ingredients and formulations.

What’s your favourite thing about working in this sector?

The knowledge and information can be used in my daily life.

Tell us about another woman in the industry who inspires you.

Alicia Keys. She inspires women to dare to show bare faces and be allowed to be smart. Her power on not wearing makeup has excited the challenge for the cosmetic industry to develop skincare products that can create the natural look and no-makeup makeup trend.

Cristiane DiosCristiane Dios

Job title: Founding Partner, Cosmetologist & Hair Specialist

Company: Grupo Laces (Laces & Hair, Cris Dios Organics, Slow Beauty)

What excites you about the cosmetic and personal care industry?

I am really passionate about the universe of beauty and, in particular, natural cosmetics. I believe that natural beauty is a market that brings well-being, joy and beauty to people, and delivers an opportunity to foster society and human development. Self-esteem is fundamental to people’s lives. It’s only through it that we are able to pursue new conquests. In addition, the universe of beauty gives women and men the opportunity to synergistically share their skills.

What’s your favourite thing about working in this sector?

I believe that real beauty is authenticity; in going after the best version of you, that search drives human development in each of us. I see this as a development tool and that fascinates me. I like to take care of others and understand people which, whilst also benefitting other people, helps me grow. I believe that this is a unique universe of infinite possibilities and vast experiences.

Tell us about another woman in the industry who inspires you.

My first great inspiration is my mother, Mercedes Dios, entrepreneur and founder of Laces and Hair. Another woman I admire is CJ Walker, not only for her history, independence and entrepreneurship, but also for believing in the best version of each woman.

Lorraine Dallmeier

Job title: CEO

Company: Formula Botanica

What excites you most about the cosmetics & personal care industry?

My first love of formulation was and still is the amazing array of botanical extracts available to us and the way they can have such a profound effect on our skin and hair. I’m also excited about the potential for the beauty industry to finally embrace sustainability and start pushing out a more responsible message to consumers worldwide in terms of low consumption beauty and the overall industry’s footprint.

Tell us about another woman in the industry who inspires you:

Jo Chidley, as I think she is pushing the sustainability agenda forward far more than any other beauty brand owners I’m seeing. She is an inspiration to all of us!

Lorna Radford

Job title: Managing Director

Company: Enkos Developments Ltd.

What excites you about the cosmetic and personal care industry?

I enjoy how the personal care industry combines science with creativity, leading to a sector that is rooted in science and data but moves quickly to keep up with trends and new technologies. The fast pace keeps me on my toes and I’m always excited to learn more about materials and how to combine them effectively to produce high-quality products. Being able to create products that can positively impact people’s lives and help people to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin brings me a lot of joy and really motivates me to continue working hard to develop formulations to the best of my abilities.

Your favourite thing about working in this sector?

The people! I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people (including lots of inspiring female brand founders) who are passionate about their work in our industry and I find the enthusiasm contagious. It’s also difficult to beat the feeling of pride and happiness when I see a product that we developed at Enkos selling well and gaining positive customer reviews. Knowing that we are helping to create high-quality products that people enjoy using reminds me that all the hard work is worthwhile.

Tell us about another woman in the industry who inspires you:

I count myself very lucky to be surrounded by a team of highly talented, dedicated and conscientious chemists at Enkos who all happen to be female and who inspire me to try my best every day.

Vânia Goy 

Job title: Journalist

Company: Founder of 

What excites you about the cosmetic and personal care industry?

I am a curious journalist, passionate about technology and innovation, and someone who loves rituals and sensations – and beauty products are champions in facilitating those moments.

Your favourite thing about working in this sector?

One of the things I like most is the power that the subject has to awaken moments of pleasure, powerful reflections and desire for care.

Tell us about another woman in the industry who inspires you:

I already admired Iza Dezon, an expert in trends and behaviour research, before I worked with her as a Beauty Projects Consultant. Sensitive, generous and brilliant, she provokes and teaches us a lot.

Rouah Al Wakeel

Job title: Founder

Company: With Hope, and consultant for in-cosmetics

What excites you about the cosmetic and personal care industry?

The research being done to develop some brilliantly innovative ingredients is incredible; I absolutely love formulating and creating products using them! It is an amazing feeling knowing that the products being developed work effectively whilst playing a fundamental role in boosting people’s confidence and helping them feel comfortable in their skin.

Your favourite thing about working in this sector?

There are so many amazing things about this industry, it’s difficult to choose just one; however I love how connected I feel to the people in it. We may be all over the world but when we meet up at shows like in-cosmetics; I see that although the industry is vast, everyone in it is interlinked and there is a real sense of community.

Tell us about another woman in the industry who inspires you:

Dr Barbara Brockway
Director, Personal Care
DNA Applied Sciences

I have known Barbara for over 9 years now, she was one of the first people I met in the industry. I have always thought of her as my mentor and I am incredibly grateful that I have had the privilege of her company throughout my career journey. Barbara is wonderfully knowledgeable and her enthusiasm and intrigue surrounding cosmetic ingredients and the industry has never faded. She continues to eagerly learn new things and is always happy to lend a hand and share her insight.

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