in-cosmetics Roadshows in Latin America a great success!

in-cosmetics Brasil organised three Roadshows in Latin America in last month, in Colombia, Peru and Argentina. The Roadshows were targeted towards a local audience, with the purpose of bringing a flavour of in-cosmetics Brasil to the 3 countries judged by our exhibitors as some of the most attractive markets in Latin America.

Attendees at the Roadshows benefited from a full day’s content provided by Euromonitor, exhibiting manufacturers and technical professionals from the industry. It was the first event of its kind supported by Latin-American associations CASIC and FELASCC (part of the IFSCC).

The first Roadshow took place in Bogota, Colombia. With the support of ANDI, the Colombian Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce, and ACCYTEC, the Colombian branch of IFSCC/FELASCC, Colombian attendees enjoyed hearing from major ingredient suppliers. Jaime Concha, President of CASIC and ANDI, gave an in-depth presentation on the Pacific Alliance, highlighting the Colombian Chamber’s contribution in this process and the benefits this will bring to the four countries involved (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile).

The second Roadshow took place in Lima, Peru, and the third in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With the support of COPECOH (the Peruvian cosmetics industry association), CAPA (the Argentinian Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce), APQC and AAQC (the Peruvian and Argentinian branches of IFSCC/FELASCC), the three Roadshows were attended by 300+ local cosmetic manufacturers.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear and test the latest cosmetic ingredients presented by Beraca, Nanovetores, Givaudan, Croda, and American Glitters.

In all three Roadshows, delegates also attended Euromonitor’s presentation on the multifaceted beauty and personal care industry in Latin America – the presentation focussed on each market, included an overview of the current situation, keys to success and market outlook. Attendees also experienced a Latin-American industry professional presenting on testing and regulation of cosmetic products in those markets.

The Hosted Buyer Programme was also launched during these inaugural Roadshows, with one of the attendees at each event being chosen to visit the show in Brasil in September, hosted by in-cosmetics. The programme was designed to encourage formulators and R&D professionals from all over Latin America to visit this international trade show, with over 20 countries already represented, reducing the distance between the Latin American and the European & Asian Markets.

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