Gender fluidity, Chinese beauty e-commerce and the waterless wave in focus at in-cosmetics Korea  

Gender fluidity, Chinese beauty e-commerce and the waterless wave in focus at in-cosmetics Korea   

in-cosmetics Korea, the only exhibition dedicated to personal care ingredients in Korea (Seoul, 13-15 July 2022) has just unveiled its 2022 educational programme, focusing on “new in” topics.

According to the 2021 Cosmetics Import and Export Trend analysis released by the Foundation of the Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute, Korea’s cosmetics exports totalled $9.22 billion in 2021, a 21.8% jump compared to the previous year. Exports hit an all-time high and add up to an 86% increase over the past five years with an average annual growth rate of 16.7% during the same period.

The dominance and reputation of Korean cosmetics in the global market is peaking as the country ranks as the third-largest exporter of cosmetics worldwide. Korean beauty is all about customization and the country’s cosmetic ingredients are innovative and inspired by nature in a way unique to Korea.

Showcasing these remarkable domestic developments – but also Korea’s ability to adapt and learn from global trends – in-cosmetics Korea’s seminar programme will provide insights on key topics never covered at its trade show in Seoul before.

The event’s marketing trends and regulation programme will tackle digital strategy, sustainability and consumer data insights. Also on the agenda are breaking into the Chinese e-commerce market, waterless beauty, the future of gender fluidity in beauty and personal care, hero ingredients in Korean skincare, not to forget microbiome formulation with presentations by the likes of the NPD Group, Cosmetics Design Asia, Fashion Snoops, BEAUTYSTREAMS and Galinee as well as Korean experts.

As a bonus, on the first day of the show, Director Pi (Hyun Jung Pi, President), YouTube Creator & Cosmetic Entrepreneur on the “Director Pi” channel, which boasts 960,000 subscribers, will share her fascinating insights into beauty consumers.

Still on day one, Seongmin (Mike) Sohn, president of REACH24H, a global regulatory response consulting group, will present on “Chinese cosmetics regulatory updates on ingredients safety and efficacy claims,” while researcher Hyojin Jung will zero in on  APAC cosmetics regulation updates for 2021-2022, in a session designed to enlighten brands keen on exporting to Asian markets, including China.

On day 2, Zeehyun Choi, a researcher from the Korea Consumer Research Institute, will offer his critical view on green, vegan, and sustainability trends in the beauty industry.

On day 3, Amanda Lim, the editor-in-chief of Cosmetics Design Asia will discuss waterless beauty whilst Mallory Huron, beauty and wellness strategist at Fashion Snoops will be focusing on ‘the Future of gender fluidity’.

Also very much worth attending on the same day will be a session on the critical topic of How is the market for personal care ingredients recovering from Covid and what will be the “new normal”? by Kunal Mahajan at Kline.

Meanwhile, more than 15 technical seminars delivered by exhibiting ingredient suppliers will provide an opportunity to discover new approaches to the product development side of cosmetics, many featuring their ingredients.

Topics of interest range from peptide manufacturing and the green revolution from Bachem, Switzerland, sustainable fermentation skincare solution using probiotics from Bloomage Biotech, China, the efficacy and market trends of Ectoin® natural, a single bio-reactive solely made of protein from Bitop AG, Germany, a botanical soothing agent that softens skin and scalp by Roquette, France.

All seminars are free to attend (but available on a first come, first serve basis) for visitors registered for the show whilst presentations will be a combination of in-person and some live streamed.

To register for the show, visit the in-cosmetics Korea website.


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