YuraQ from DOEHLER

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In the rainforests of Ecuador, a native wild palm (PhytelephasAequatorialis) produces a magic seed called Tagua. Due to its consistency, appearance and cream white shade –which is very similar to ivory -the stone nut is also known as vegetable ivory.

For years, Taguais already replacing plasticin the luxury garment industry. Döhler mills the Tagua Nut to a fine powder called YuraQ. Yura Q means white in the Ecuadorian indigenous language.

  • Vegan, Clean Label, Natrue, Cosmos in progress
  • YuraQ in cosmetics is a whitening agent, a binding agent for lipids, a smoothing agent for a better sensory experience


INCI Name:Phytelephas aequatorialis seed powder
Category:Functional ingredient, Decoratives, Skincare – leave on
Product Type:Botanicals, Essential oils, Plant extracts, Fillers, Extenders, Binders

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