Why Fullerene? Anti-ageing made in Japan

Why Fullerene? Anti-ageing made in Japan

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Can you please explain to us what makes fullerene such high performance materials? 
Fullerene is the super antioxidant for anti-ageing with strong, long-lasting, and stable features and, interestingly, the professors who discovered Fullerene received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. Fullerene can be expected to have an antioxidant effect more than 250 times that of vitamin C. We have focused on Fullerene for more than 15 years and are held in high esteem by dermatologists and manufacturers alike.
Clinical tests have been done on the efficacy of Fullerene on age spots, wrinkles, acne, skin barrier function, pore tightening, and even more. By formulating with Fullerene ingredients you can produce high-performing, anti-ageing cosmetics.

Why are fullerenes so popular in South-East Asia?
Our Fullerene ingredients are popular in Japan, China and other Asian countries because of their high functionality and high safety coupled with Japanese quality. It is also praised for its abundant collection of highly reliable clinical data. Most clinical trials are the result of joint research with university professors and cosmetic dermatologists, and many trials have been published at academic conferences and also published as papers.
We also approach consumers by posting our articles on social media. We are carrying out promotional activities to raise consumer awareness of Fullerene.
Last year, our ingredient, Radical Sponge received its halal certification. We think that having obtained Halal certification makes it easier to formulate our ingredients in products that are targeting a worldwide audience.

You are launching five more Fullerene products this year, tell us more about these… 
This October, we are planning to launch 5 new ingredients containing naturally-derived Fullerene. We spent almost 5 years developing the naturally-derived Fullerene and this naturally-derived Fullerene is produced from the cedar of domestic forests that are well managed for sustainability. We produce our naturally-derived Fullerene by using hydroelectric power. The use of a clean energy source means the manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly. For manufacturers, our ingredients are packaged in an aluminium pouch, which can reduce the volume of industrial waste.
In short, our new Fullerene ingredients are the strongest antioxidant ingredient for ageing care, with natural, high-performance, sustainable and eco-friendly properties.

Tell us more about the benefits of incorporating these naturally-derived Fullerene into formulations
Our fullerene ingredients are UV, heat and pH stable and easily blended into any cosmetic formulation. Our ingredients are easy to formulate and are mixed into various items from skincare to make-up and these are all available for customers via our formulation guidelines.
As mentioned above, our ingredients are multi-functional with high quality so our Fullerene ingredients are the best solution for “Anti-Ageing”, “Clean Beauty” ,”J-Beauty” and “Sustainable” concepts.

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