Provital’s take on caring, sustainability and the tech neck syndrome – Q&A

Provital’s take on caring, sustainability and the tech neck syndrome – Q&A

(Sponsored content): Interview with Ricard Armengol, CEO, Provital

Earlier this year, Provital unveiled a wonderfully named new ingredient, followed by a  new corporate identity so we caught up with their CEO Ricard Armengol to find out more…

Why did Provital decide to rebrand?

We believe that care means taking action. Just like our products (CareActives™ and CareMotives™) do as they are active ingredients and natural extracts dedicated to skincare and haircare. This is also reflected in our company’s strong commitment to ethical and sustainable development. It’s about caring for communities, the planet and humanity, from our internal teams to the final consumer. We really wanted to give expression and visibility to that powerful purpose.

So tell us more about your new manifesto…

“A commitment to care that turns into action”. This is all about the combination of science and technology, the collaborative spirit, the agile and effective work dynamics, the eagerness to offer inspiration and create emotions, and our belief in the diversity of beauty…These elements were part of the essence of our company and gave life to the brand’s new narrative. They were key in defining the tone of voice and personality of our brand. The narrative is being conveyed through a purposeful and engaging tagline: Do Care. This is a clear, firm and concise statement that reinforces Provital’s conviction. This proposal invites customers, competitors and the entire industry to take action for care.

Can you give us an example of how this manifesto is being put into practice, for example in the field of sustainability?

Our “Mujeres y Ambiente” project (“Women and the Environment” in English) in La Carbonera (Querétaro, Mexico) has been awarded the Equator Prize2020, organized by the Equator Initiative within the United Nations Development Programme.

This women-founded and women-led association has been working to develop and market cosmetics based on local plants including a new Nagoya Protocol-compliant natural active ingredient.

The association also supports women entrepreneurs to grow their agricultural micro-businesses, and engages in biodiversity conservation, restoration, stabilization of soils, and nursery cultivation.

Provital is proud to be an active part of this initiative that advances nature-based solutions for local sustainable development

Can you also tell us a little more about Provital’s Strategic Plan for 2030?

Our plan has been designed to serve as a guide for a profound transformation of the company in the coming years. It includes clear objectives for growth and consolidation in the market as a benchmark in assets always based on our values. The plan will be communicated to the market at the end of the year. We have a well-defined roadmap and set of milestones to 2025 and 2030… Rebranding is only the beginning…

Earlier this year you launched “Wonderage”  a new active which, as the name implies, celebrates maturity. What can formulators look forward to?             

Wonderage is naturally-derived – it is extracted from the monk fruit.  The beauty of it is that it balances the epigenetics of mature skin. It has also been  shown to combat the dreaded tech neck syndrome, quite a topical complaint as people are working from home and arguably spending longer in front of their screens than ever before! Plus it improves the dermal structure by boosting endogenous hyaluronic acid whilst strengthening collagen fibers. It ticks all the boxes by responding to the needs of mature skin, whether we are talking luminosity, hydration and density. In addition, it reduces wrinkles on eye contour and the neck. The A-I powered tests we ran with volunteers showed that 67% of them felt delighted with the product – we believe that happiness is the key to beauty, so this is certainly a very positive outcome! Last but not least, Wonderage is halal-certified as well as Cosmos, vegan and China IECIC compliant so it has worldwide appeal!

Power your formulations with Wonderage. Find Wonderage at in-cosmetics Global, in-cosmetics Asia and in-cosmetics Latin America.

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