PolyFructol Plus from Mibelle Biochemistry

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PolyFructol Plus is a highly concentrated solution of the plant-based oligosaccharide inulin which is combined with lecithin derived liposomes that efficiently improve skin hydration.

Inulin is a natural sugar extracted from the Chicory root that is known as being a great prebiotic ingredient within skincare: it helps to preserve the healthy appearance of the skin by balancing the skin’s microbiota. This oligosaccharide will keep the skin nourished and moist.

PolyFructol Plus benefits:

  • Immediately and deeply rehydrates dry skin, even in rinse-off products
  • Enhances skin elasticity and firmness
  • Protects and regenerates the skin barrier


Name:PolyFructol Plus
INCI Name:Inulin (and) Glycerin (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Lecithin (and) Xanthan Gum (and) Aqua / Water
Category:Active ingredient, Skincare – leave on, Skincare – wash off
Product Type:Hydration, Moisturising, Firming, Lifting

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