PARSOL ZX new formulation from DSM Nutritional Products Ltd.

Launched March 2020 by:

DSM Bright Science

Change your mind on mineral sunscreens! Consumers love the idea of mineral UV-filters but are often left feeling disappointed with the thick, oily texture and white residue they can leave on their skin. DSM has combined its unrivaled sensory knowledge with PARSOL® ZX Zinc Oxide grade to create an exciting new formulation that delivers a fantastic sensory experience in a mineral-only chassis.

Mineral Fusion Shaka formulation is based on PARSOL® ZX and PARSOL® TX, it is a light fluid for an optimized sensory experience, also featuring VALVANCE® Touch 210 for a soft finish and Panthenol for skin hydration.


Name:PARSOL ZX new formulation
INCI Name:Zinc Oxide
Category:Active Ingredient, Suncare
Product Type:UV filters, Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle

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