Neurocosmetics: the pathway to happiness starts with the skin

Neurocosmetics: the pathway to happiness starts with the skin

by Luciana Navarro and Patrícia Camargo 

After two years into the pandemic and a lot of research during this period about what kind of innovation we could bring to the cosmetics market – that wouldn’t be not just one more product in the nécessaire of our consumers, we at CARE Natural Beauty came across Neurocosmetics.

Several studies on the PubMed platform have revealed the discovery of properties and active ingredients capable of favouring health far beyond the aesthetic effects on the skin.

Neurocosmetics is part of Cosmetology and emerged as new research discovered that the skin has neurotransmitter receptors and that, therefore, it can pick up substances that, until recently, were believed to act only on the nervous system, such as endorphin itself.

It is paramount to highlight that endorphin is a hormone and, therefore, its use in cosmetics is forbidden in Brazil and other countries. However, it is possible to resort to substances that simulate its effect.

Overall, neurocosmetics use natural or clean substances to promote a “like” action, as is the case with “NGF-like”, which aids skin regeneration by attracting keratinocytes (cells formed in the epidermis that produce keratin).

In our investigations, we found that, just like other skin care products, neurocosmetics can be seen as mere aesthetic solutions, but they go beyond, and their benefits include:

  • Mental improvement, increasing well-being sensation and self-esteem;
  • Expression lines and spots reduction, being a healthy alternative for elderly patients;
  • Acne reduction;
  • Increased radiance, luminosity and velvety feeling of the skin;
  • Delayed ageing signs and tissue recovery;
  • Increased moisturising and glow of the hair and skin;


The benefits of neurocosmetics explain why more and more people choose these products. The aesthetic gains come with greater well-being, relaxation and happiness sensations to the individual who includes them in their daily skincare ritual.

At CARE Natural Beauty, we strive to be at the avant-guarde [of cosmetics development], and we believe in the union of cutting-edge technology and clean active ingredients extracted from nature in socially and environmentally committed processes.

For this reason, we have recently developed the Beauty Night Oil, a neurocosmetic with active ingredients that are proven to increase “ß-endorphin“, a hormone whose anti-irritant and anti-stress properties repair the skin by controlling the release of free radicals, responsible for premature ageing.

We thought of this oil after extensive discussions with our 50 + consumers and developed its formulation, especially for mature and dry skin.

Besides, it helps remove dark spots, prevents new wrinkles and fine lines, attenuates intense expression marks and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power.

We believe that Neurocosmetics is the pathway to a life with more beauty, well-being and self-care!

About CARE Natural Beauty: First launched in 2018 by two Brazilian female entrepreneurs, CARE Natural Beauty is recognised as an authority in High Clean Beauty in Brazil. Their disruptive and high-performance products have captivated an audience that identifies with the brand’s high-clean proposal, based on three pillars: high performance, sustainability and social responsibility.

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