Latest ingredient round-up – from botanical extracts to microbiota and hemp

Latest ingredient round-up – from botanical extracts to microbiota and hemp

Givaudan offers Beauty Boosters

Givaudan Active Beauty is targeting the increasingly popular J-Beauty trend with the launch of 8 botanical extracts targeting smoother and glowing skin.

Called Beauty Booster, the range is made up of popular beauty ingredients in Japan, including green tea, aloe vera and lemon balm, to provide claims such as hydration, purification and well-ageing, while being completely natural.

The aim of the beauty boosters collection is to provide a complete skin care routine that follows the typical the 5+1 regime popular in Japan.

The first five daily steps rely on a boswellia cleaners, an hibiscus exfoliator and lemon balm toner, an aloe vera serum, a green tea skin protector and a weekly face mask based on acerola, turmeric and cranberry to provide anti-ageing and whitening properties.

(Sponsored) Greentech launches microbiota anti-hair loss solution

Greentech has made an impact on the formulation market with Hairline, a microbiota ingredient that has anti-hair loss claims.

The company’s development team investigated the link between the hair loss condition alopecia and the role microbiota plays in hair growth. The team set out to find a means of balancing the bacteriabiota and mycobiota of the hair with the end goals of producing a healthier head of hair.

The team came up with a systematic, holistic and natural approach to hair loss treatment that it says could compete with the only other treatments currently approved by the US FDA, Minodixil and Finasteride.

The research began by studying the Wnt/β-catenin cell signaling pathway that is key to the hair growth cycle and the scalp microbiota in an effort to help determine the link between alopecia and an imbalance in the scalp microbiota.

Primarily targeting men in the early stages of hair loss, the team identified the roots of Lindera strychnifolia, a shrub from South East Asia containing sesqusiterpenes such as linderane, polyphenols and lignans that could benefit hair density by balancing the scalp’s microbiota.

During in vitro studies, the resulting Hairline ingredient showed an important action on the Wnt inhibitors essential to hair growth, with 77% of those using the ingredient reporting a slowing down of hair loss and 88% reporting an improvement in hair growth.

Organic Bioactives launches OceanDerMX

Maori-owned New Zealand ingredients provider Organic Bioactives has launched OceanDerMx, a portfolio of natural-based multifunctional skincare ingredient blends.

Targeting leading skincare claims such as anti-pollution and healthy ageing, the blends are made from extracts of hand-harvested New Zealand Red Algae, and other locally sourced natural materials.

The four ingredients in the portfolio include OceanDerMX Lift & Firm, OceanDerMX Restore & Protect, OceanDerMX Balance & Brighten, and OceanDerMX Calm & Soothe. 

“Organic Bioactives proudly brings patented, clean beauty ingredients sourced from New Zealand’s diverse native botanicals to the market place,” said Andrea Taimana, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Organic Bioactives.

“We’ve integrated the latest cosmetic science with time-proven indigenous Māori knowledge to create multitasking skincare ingredients with excellent sensorial profile.”

Oh Oh Organics adds CBD

California-based organic ingredients provider Oh Oh Organics has announced that it is offering full spectrum hemp extract and a selection of other natural ingredients from Hawaii company Kuleana.

Kuleana operates on a ‘farm to bottle’ philosophy that produces hemp extract blends for cosmetic applications, as well as producing CBD body oils that all meet clean beauty standards.

Its hemp ingredient contains full spectrum of hemp-derived cannabinoids that includes CBD, and is then blended with macadamia oil or Maui sunflower oil to ensure it meets legal requirements not to exceed 0.3% THC.

“CBD has exploded in popularity as a cosmetic ingredient but it’s still the Wild West in the industry with suppliers who are not delivering a consistent product with reliable testing,” said Gay Timmons, founder of Oh, Oh Organic.

“That’s the difference with Kuleana—its founders and their total operation are focused on sustaina­bility and mitigating waste while producing trustworthy CBD products for the cosmetic industry.”

Novi partners with Sephora to identify clean beauty ingredients

Novi has partnered with Sephora as part of efforts to help the retailer meet its goals to provide brands that meet consumer expectations for clean beauty. 

Novi is a platform that provides information and guidance aimed at guiding retailers, suppliers and brands towards safe, sustainable and clean ingredients and formulations.

Sephora created its “Clean at Sephora Seal” in 2018 with the aim of reducing higher risk ingredients in the products it sells, and also launched its public-facing chemicals policy in July of last year.

As part of the partnership, Novi will help Sephora successfully implement its chemicals policy and support the retailer in its efforts to meet the spike in demand for safe and sustainable products.

“Novi is providing an innovative service to brands we’ve never seen before,” said Carley Klekas, Sephora’s Senior Manager of Product Sustainability.

“The public chemicals policy is crucial to Sephora, showing clients we are prioritizing ingredient safety and sustainability, but it can be challenging for some brands to act on, which is why Novi is a game-changer in helping brands get more sustainable products into the hands of our clients.”

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