On Monday 25 January, exhibitors from across the in-cosmetics portfolio came together to present their latest in cutting-edge ingredients at the Ingredients Showcase.

Covering a variety of themes, the day consisted of 30-minute sessions with Givaudan, Bloomage Biochemistry, Evonic, Biosyntia, Infinitec, Contipro a.s and Bitop AG which you can now access on-demand.

Topics included:

  • Natural and effective solutions for skin barrier repair
  • The power of blue biotechnology
  • Sourcing ingredients to meet the sustainability demand
  • The effect of acids to combat ageing and acne

… and much more!

Didn’t get a chance to watch live?

Not a problem – each session is now available on-demand, simply follow the links below and enjoy!


Anne Schrötter headshot photo

09:00-9:30am GMT

Ultimate protection and repair: How a natural molecule can meet all trending consumer needs

Anne Schrötter, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, Bitop AG

The need for 100% natural, highly effective, safe, and multifunctional active ingredients is rising. There is only a very limited number of single molecules with clinically proven efficacy a formulator can choose from to implement multiple benefits like anti-aging, skin barrier repair, soothing, whitening, long-term hydration, and global protection (anti-pollution, blue-light, etc.) with one active.

This webinar with bitop will provide an overview of consumer needs and explain, how the single molecule and multi-benefit bioactive Ectoin® natural can help to formulate highly effective, “clean-beauty” formulations, which meet the latest market trends.

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Nick Li of Bloomage photo

10:30-11:00am GMT

Natural and effective solutions for skin barrier repair products

Nick Li, Product Manager, Personal Care Ingredients & Solutions, Bloomage Biotechnology Corp. Ltd.

After a year ’s fight against the COVID 19, consumers’ lifestyles and attitudes towards the Beauty and Personal market have been greatly affected, making certain claims more and more attractive, especially for “for sensitive skin”. Besides, c onsumer also gradually know t he importance of living in harmony with the earth and nature, and hope that products they use will contain mor e ingredients with natural claims So fermented natural ingredients with high safety and enhanced functional efficacies are well embraced by consumers , making them a safe alternative to harsh or controversy raw materials.

In this presentation, a novel natural, scientific and effective solution for skin barrier repair products from Bloomage Biotech will be introduced.

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Mathias Fleury of Givaudan photo

12:45-13:15 GMT

Erasing pigmentation spots through SDF-1 communication regulation: The power of blue biotech

Mathias Fleury, Category Manager for Biotech Active ingredients, Givaudan

Ageing and excessive sun exposures are two of the main causes for visible spots development (senile and solar lentigo). While today only synthetic solutions or abrasive mechanical depigmentation processes (peeling, laser…) are available to erase them, consumers expect cleaner & gentler products. We crafted an exclusive microalgae extract acting on SDF-1, a breakthrough biological pathway responsible for all kinds of dark spots. Tested against the best industry benchmarks, it is able to reactivate SDF-1 expression in aged or UV exposed skin models, while significantly decreasing visible spots at the clinical level on Caucasian, Asian and African volunteers.

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Iva Dolečková Ph.D. headshot

13:30-14:00 GMT

A new hyaluronic acid and retinoic acid derivative targeting skin ageing and acne-prone skin

Iva Dolečková Ph.D., Head of Anti-ageing Actives R&D, Contipro a.s.

This presentation describes biological effects of a novel ester composed of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid substituted with retinoic acid (INCI: Sodium Retinoyl Hyaluronate), that was prepared in aim to combine their unique features, improve stability, facilitate the skin penetration and enhance their impact on the skin parameters.

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Dr. Natascia Grimaldi

14:15-14:45 GMT

Going back to the past, to engineering the future of anti-ageing skin-care with MatriGold®

Dr. Natascia Grimaldi, R&D Director, Infinitec Activos

Matrixyl®  is one of the most loved peptide in the cosmetic market, with proven demand. At Infinitec, we fused this powerful peptide with the protective luxury of one of our cutting-edge delivery systems, our gold particles, to create a superior cosmetic ingredient, MatriGold®. Unexpectedly, besides the free peptide main targets are Coll I and Coll III, MatriGold® showed to dramatically boost Coll IV synthesis by 130%, re-enforcing the too-often forgotten dermis-epidermal junction and fighting the first sign of aging, fine lines. MatriGold® provided the highest performance and efficacy at only 0.3%, because of its enhanced skin penetration as well as double stability to enzymatic degradation than the free peptide. After 4 weeks of treatment with 0.3% MatriGold®, volunteers reported that their eye counter looked smoother and plumped out, being the number and length of wrinkles reduced by a 30%. And when the treatment was prolonged to 8 weeks, the length and surface of the wrinkles were improved by a 50%. MatriGold®.

Benefits of attending:
• Knowing about the dermis-epidermis junction and Collagen IV
• Premium beauty embracing high-tech and innovation to serve the evolving expectations of luxury consumers.
• Discover about MatriGold®: the most loved peptide in cosmetics protected by a luxury gold shield.

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Samir Sliman of Evonik headshot

15:00-15:30 GMT

The perfect combination of odor absorption and natural compliance

Samir Sliman, Business Development Manager Product Protection, Evonik

Deodorant products are experiencing an image-transformation. Nowadays’ consumers are examining in detail, which products they apply on their axilla as much as they care about other skin care products. The trend is leading into a more natural direction – however, efficacy and reliability should not suffer from this.

Evonik’s odor absorber is a new, highly effective deodorant blend on the basis of Zinc Ricinoleate, which is compliant for certified natural cosmetics. This blend is especially suitable for clear aqueous and hydro-alcoholic formulations. In-vivo and in-vitro proven efficacy to tackle the effects of the formation of body odor.

Benefits of attending:
• Compliant for certified natural cosmetics
• Clear aqueous and hydro-alcoholic formulations
• Proven efficacy

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Cecilie Oest Jacobsen headshot

15:45-16:15 GMT

Sustainable ingredient sourcing to meet consumers’ demands for greener products

Cecilie Oest-Jacobsen, Global Product Manager, Biosyntia

Today, clean, green and sustainable are all attributes valued by more and more consumers, with three quarters of US millennials stating a willingness to pay extra for sustainable products. However, sourcing the best ingredients for the environment can feel like navigating a jungle.

In this talk, we will cover the fundamental challenges and opportunities when sourcing clean, green and sustainable ingredients for your formulations. We will highlight the sustainability considerations behind different ingredient sources and how the most cutting-edge science in the field is trying to solve today’s environmental challenges.

Deep-diving into fermentation technology as a lever for sustainable production of both existing and novel ingredients. We will also have a look at how these ingredients relate to current consumer needs and market trends.

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Rolf Smits

16:30-17:00 GMT

Empower the body’s natural shield with the power of ceramides

Dr. Veronika Solotoff, Global Customer Projects Manager Active Ingredients, Evonik

Rolf Smits, Business Development Manager Active, Evonik

The social buzz about ceramides is huge. Beauty bloggers all around the world are talking about them as a powerful ingredient for skin care products.

For good reason: Ceramides play a crucial role as a fundamental constituents of the skin being one of the major building blocks of the barrier function.

In-vivo and in-vitro proven efficacy studies show that Evonik’s ceramides reinforce the skin’s natural lipid barrier against moisture loss and external challenges.

Benefits of attending:
• Discover a trending ingredient
• Learn how to restore the protective barrier of the skin
• Proven efficacy

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