Glypure™ GL from The Chemours Company

Launched February 2020 by

A New Active Ingredient for A New Age of Skin Care Products

  • Delivers all the benefits of AHA’s without applying acids to the skin
  • Generates glycolic acid in situ when exposed to moisture in the skin
  • More effectively and efficiently delivers glycolic acid into the skin where it is needed

Glypure GL is the cyclic diester of glycolic acid. When delivered into the stratum corneum, it hydrolyzes to form two molecules of glycolic acid.
More efficient active ingredient delivery, no acid on the skin, lower irritation potential, simpler formulation, preservative-free.


Name:Glypure™ GL
INCI Name:Glycolide
Category:Active ingredient, Skincare – leave on
Product Type:Anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle, Exfoliants, Toning, Anti-pollution

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