Emulpharma® Chroma from Res Pharma Innovative Ingredients

Launched November 2019 by

Emulpharma® Chroma is a liquid O/W emulsifier obtained from vegetal raw materials. Thanks to its high compatibility with different oils, even in the presence of critical ingredients, Emulpharma® Chroma is the perfect emulsifier for professional beauty cosmetics, the ideal ally for formulation challenges. It is cold soluble in the oily phase, simply by mixing, making it possible to develop DIY products, responding to an increasingly frequent need to create a personalised beauty routine. The consumer becomes even more the “on-demand” beauty maker

  • Easy to use and cold processable
  • Perfect for formulations challenges
  • Opens new perspectives for “on demand Beauty”


Name:Emulpharma® Chroma
INCI Name:
Category:Functional ingredient, Haircare, Skincare – leave on
Product Type:Emulsifiers, Emollients, Lipids, Silicones

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