Blossom Honey Pro from Lipoid Kosmetik AG

Launched March 2020 by

Honey is a strong brand, and a success story. Honey is associated with positive attributes and emotions: It is natural, sustainable, sweet, precious, luxurious and nutritious.

Blossom Honey Pro is a COSMOS-certified, substantiated extract based on organic acacia honey. Its composition full of sugars and more than 200 bioactive compounds result in unique skincare benefits:

  • Nourishment & energy supply
  • Powerful moisturization through increased water-binding capacity
  • Enhancement of skin volume by generating osmotic pressure


Name:Blossom Honey Pro
INCI Name:Glycerin, Aqua, Mel Extract
Category:Functional ingredient, Skincare – leave on, Skincare – wash off
Product Type:Hydration, Moisturising, Firming, Lifting, Botanicals, Essential oils, Plant extracts

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