Bio-Signal™ Lipid 10 from Vantage Personal Care

Launched March 2020 by

Sebastien Massard, Global Marketing Manager, Vantage Personal Care™

In in-vitro studies, phosphatidylglycerol stimulated the expression of proteins known to strengthen the skin barrier and reduce the inflammatory signaling pathways.

In clinical studies, this ingredient improved skin moisturization, and radiance while working synergistically with irritating actives (AHAs, retinol) to decrease their irritation potential in sensitive skin.

  • Over 20% hydration, 16% radiance, a 15% wrinkle reduction
  • Co-active, improves other ingredients’ bio-availability and decreases their irritating potential
  • Proprietary naturally-derived phosphatidylglycerol for high dermo-compatibility


Name:Bio-Signal™ Lipid 10
INCI Name:Glycerin (and) Phospholipid (Phosphatidylglycerol)
Category:Active ingredient, Skincare – leave on, Decoratives
Product Type:Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritants, Soothing agents, Anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle, Hydration/moisturising, Emollients, Lipids, Antioxidants, Radical scavengers

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