BergaCare SmartLipids Ceramide from Berg + Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG

Launched March 2020 by

Nature inspired us to develop a lipid-encapsulated version of human skin barrier realized with patented technology: BergaCare SmartLipids Ceramide. They consist of submicron lipid particles and are provided in a concentrated form as an aqueous suspension with 10% active content, comprising Ceramides, Sterols and Fatty Acids – the three essential substance classes that build up our skin barrier.

  • Skin identical, natural components of the skin barrier
  • Shield against environmental, chemical and biological aggressors
  • Easy to work with


Name:BergaCare SmartLipids Ceramide
INCI Name:
Category:Active ingredient, Skincare – leave on, Suncare
Product Type:Anti-pollution, Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle, Hydration, Moisturising

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