(Bamboo) Charcoal Powder from Spec-Chem Industry Inc

Launched February 2020 by:

  1. REACH Registration & COSMOS/VEGAN/HALAL-Certificated
  2. Nature & Safe & Effective,from Renewable source-Bamboo
  3. Best Alternative to plastic beads & micro-plastics
  4. Gentle Abrasive/Scrub & Effective Absorbent/Mattifier & Natural Colorant (Make-up)
  5. GEO-free/PCBS-free/Allergen-free & Easy-to-formulate”


Name:(Bamboo) Charcoal Powder
INCI Name:(Bamboo) Charcoal Powder
Category:Functional ingredient, Skincare – leave on, Skincare – wash off
Product Type:Anti-pollution, Colourants, pigments, Glitters Deodorants, Antiperspirants, Exfoliants

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