Bioyouth-EGT Magic power from mushroom

Bioyouth-EGT Magic power from mushroom
by: Bloomage Biotech

Obtained from multi-fermentation of Tricholoma matsutake and Hericium erinaceum, BioyouthTM-EGT contains a high concentration of L-ergothioneine which is a natural antioxidant compound. Mixed EGT with super active HA (MW<5000Da) and trehalose, we get BioyouthTM-EGT Pro. Plenty of in vitro and in vivo tests results prove that EGT and EGT pro can reduce cells apoptosis, scavenge free radicals, reduce UV spots and brown spots, improve fishtail lines, and so on. EGT and EGT Pro have great anti-oxidation and anti-photoaging effects.

What’s EGT?

In 1909, EGT was first isolated by Charles Tanret. EGT has two structural tautomer in the dissolved state (Fig.1). At physiological pH, EGT is mainly present in the form of thione in an aqueous solution, so EGT is a very stable antioxidant at physiological pH [1].

Fig.1 Two structural tautomers of EGT.

EGT is widely distributed in plant and animals. Mammals only get it from the diet, such as mushrooms [2]. EGT content in the human body decreases with age. EGT can enter the cells and mitochondria through the transporter OCTN-1, directly scavenging ROS [3]. EGT can scavenge free radicals, improve the activity of glutathione reductase and superoxide dismutase [1, 4].In July 2017, the European Commission authorized the use of EGT as a novel food ingredient.

How to get EGT?

There’re three production methods for EGT, including chemical synthesis, mushroom extraction, and fungal fermentation. But they all have some limitations.

Bloomage Biotech collected natural Hericium erinaceum and Tricholoma matsutake from the Shangri-La forest, extracted and purified mycelium of the two mushrooms. By regulating mycelium’s growth and metabolism, thus obtained BioyouthTM-EGT which also contains β-glucan, amino acids and other active substances. Mixed EGT with super active HA (MW<5000Da) and trehalose, we get EGT Pro. Cytotoxicity test, skin patch test, and phototoxicity test showed that EGT Pro could be used safely in various cosmetic products.

Excellent anti-oxidation ability

mitochondrial damage
Fig.2 Fluorescence intensity of HaCaT cells.

Mitochondria are easier to ROS attack and oxidative damage to DNA [5]. Scientists examined the UVA-induced mitochondrial damage in HaCaT cells using Mito-Tracker assay and found that UVA-irradiated cells showed low fluorescence intensity, EGT(500nM) pretreatment could counteract the UVA-induced mitochondrial damage[6]. (Fig.2)

Fig.3 Relative value of SOD vitality.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) can specifically remove superoxide anion free radicals generated in the biological oxidation process and delay aging. In our study, H2O2 inhibits the activity of SOD in human fibroblasts, while 0.45% EGT Pro could increase SOD activity by 23% (Fig.3).

Fig.4 Relative value of MDA.

Lipid peroxidation (LPO) is the oxidative degradation of lipids. Malondialdehyde(MDA) is a major by-product of LPO. In our study, H2O2 stimulated cellular LPO and produced large amounts of MDA. Compared with the positive control group, 0.45% EGT Pro could reduce MDA content by 44 % (Fig.4).

Apoptosis means that cells suicide because they sense stress or get signals. Another important finding of this study is that UV irradiation increases HaCaT cell apoptosis. 0.1% EGT Pro can reduce the apoptosis rate by 34 % (Fig.5).

Fig.5 HaCaT cells irradiated by UVB (Left) and then treated with 0.1% EGT Pro (Right).

In-vivo test

We selected 30 healthy volunteers, applied 0.5% EGT lotion on the right side of the face, and control lotion on the other side of the face. Compared to the control group, EGT Pro can reduce brown spots by 10%, UV spots by 7%, and fishtail lines by 8% after 4 weeks (Fig 6-8).

Fig.6 Brown Spots of the face before and after 4 weeks’ application.
Fig.7 UV Spots of the face before and after 4 weeks’ application.
fishtail lines
Fig.8 Fishtail lines of the face before and after 4 weeks’ application.

EGT Pro is a natural and effective antioxidant and anti-aging product fermented from mushrooms. Bloomage Biotech has more than 30 years’ fermentation experience, we will continue to explore the great potential of effective bioactive ingredients to bring beauty, health and happiness to consumers.

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