Skincare launches see pioneering formats, probiotics and plant-based entrants emerge

Skincare launches see pioneering formats, probiotics and plant-based entrants emerge

The beauty and personal care industry is full of exciting, engaging and innovative formulations and developments. In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we explore the latest insights taking shape and impacting the industry.

Yaguang Borui unveils EMG’s at-home beauty devices in China

Asia skincare research company, Yaguang Borui Medicine Technology, has teamed up with UK technology developer, EMG, to create household radiofrequency (RF) beauty instruments. The tools precisely target signs of ageing, aid skin rejuvenation and help tackle acne.

The skincare products, which include EMG Smart Firm and EMG Smart Pure, work by heating the thickest layer of skin, the dermis, with RF energy waves. As the heat stimulates collagen production, the device tightens the face and reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

“Yaguang Borui is delighted to help EMG enter the all-important Chinese market,” said Yang Ming, EMG Lead at Yaguang Borui. “We are honored to serve as their strategic partner and help bring more fantastic products to Chinese consumers, making beauty accessible for everybody.”

Galderma introduces ingredient combination first to treat acne

The cosmetics ingredients landscape has seen a new exciting development emerge with the arrival of Galderma’s new Twyneo Cream. The facial acne skincare product is hailed as the first product to combine cosmetic ingredients, tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide in 0.1% and 3% concentrations, respectively, to rapidly treat moderate to severe acne.

Launched in the US, the independent dermatology company applied patented microencapsulation technology to combine the two ingredients and enable their controlled release. Research and clinical studies by Galderma indicate the product’s ability to deliver visible results as soon as two weeks after application.

 “The patented microencapsulation technology in Twyneo Cream segregates and envelopes the active ingredients in silica core shells that keep both crystals separate and stable while gradually releasing onto the skin,” said Hillary Baldwin, Medical Director of Acne Treatment & Research Center and principal investigator for the Twyneo Cream clinical trials.

Pangea launches new plant-based and plastic-free skincare line

Natural ingredients for personal care are at the forefront of beauty brands’ considerations when formulating new products. The new entrant in plant-based skincare is no exception, introducing its Pangea collection of cleansers, moisturizers, treatments, masks and exfoliators, that focus on bioactive ingredients.

Eliminating plastic and ensuring ethical sourcing standards is also at the centre of Pangea as the brand strives to become the first plant-based and truly sustainable collection of bioactive, highly efficacious formulas within plastic-free packaging.

 “It is our mission to provide consumers a choice for high-quality, plastic-free products and truly inspire continued change within the beauty industry,” stated Joshua Onysko, Founder and CEO of Pangea.

Exponent Beauty releases new self-activated skincare solution

New self-activation skincare brand, Exponent Beauty, is hailed as the first self-activated clinical skincare line as it strives to deliver optimum performance. The brand wanted to avoid the degradation of traditional water-based skincare formulas and instead maximize the efficacy of skincare products.

Exponent has released its clinical-grade skincare product, which contains its Active Powder and Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid Hydrator, in a lightweight, creamy-textured formula and single-dose application. The brand has also welcomed its research hub, Exponent Standard, opened to provide consumers with actionable tools for finding effective skincare.

“Our mission at Exponent is to raise the bar for effective skincare, and not just focus on what our products are free of, but what they’re full of,” said Liz Whitman, Founder of Exponent Beauty. “We know this is a category that needs more transparency and education around clinical efficacy and we’re excited to advocate for a higher standard—because skincare shouldn’t be pre-mixed, watered down, or bottled up.”

KINS brings probiotic-based skincare and supplements to Singapore

Japanese personalized beauty brand and specialist in subscription-based products, KINS, has expanded into Singapore with the arrival of its probiotics skincare line.

The brand’s skincare supplements, which contain 22 types of probiotics, are designed to help regulate the intestinal environment, while the brand’s formulated serum aims to maximize healthy skin. With its laboratory in Japan and collaboration with R&D organizations, KINS will continue to focus on Asia skincare by building its presence in Southeast Asian countries following its launch in Taiwan in January 2022 and Singapore in April 2022.

“Before I started KINS, I was suffering from chronic ailments such as frequent diarrhea and sudden hearing loss, and the company I worked at treated patients with bacteria-based preventive medicine,” said Yutaka Shimokawa, CEO and founder of KINS. “After personally experiencing the effects of such treatment, I decided I wanted to help people in and outside of Japan who suffer from chronic illnesses that may actually lead to something worse. Singapore is the perfect hub for us to start and expand our operations from.”

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