FK Scalp from Keraplast

Launched October 2019 by

An innovative new scalp care ingredient focused on mitigating modern stresses leading to hair fall and poor scalp health. Bio-active Functional Keratin™ has a demonstrated ability to reduce inflammation and provide protection from pollution through a combination of anti-oxidant and film-forming properties.

Strong anti-pollution claims, inflammation reduction and collagen promotion combine to form a powerful natural, scalp care active for modern urban societies.

  • Protection of scalp and follicle from pollution damage demonstrated in-vitro testing
  • Stronger follicular anchoring through extra collagen expression
  • Improved keratinocyte production in hair bulb leading to stronger hair shaft


Name:FK Scalp
INCI Name:Keratin, Hydrolysed Keratin, Oxidised Keratin and Aqua
Category:Active ingredient, Haircare, Skincare – leave on
Product Type:Anti-pollution, Antioxidants, Radical scavengers, Film former, Biological, Marine extracts, Bio-fermentation, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritants, Soothing agents

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